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Timeless: Historical Romance through the Ages

Sweet romance through the ages! From turn of the century Chicago to 1860’s Montana to the Civil War era to Regency times, there is something for every historical romance reader. This sweet romance boxed set charms with seven novels by bestselling authors, starring unforgettable characters falling in love in the most captivating settings.

This collection includes:

Sweet romance through the ages! From turn of the century Chicago to 1860’s Montana to the Civil War era to Regency times, there is something for every historical romance reader. This sweet romance boxed set charms with seven novels by bestselling authors, starring unforgettable characters falling in love in the most captivating settings.

ALL THE BLUE OF HEAVEN by Virginia Carmichael
Eight years ago, Allie Hathaway scandalized the wealthy elite of Chicago when she ran away to San Francisco. Now a world-renowned portrait painter, her life is filled with laughter and friendship, including being a mother to her orphaned niece. So why can’t she forget her first love?

Familial bonds, malevolent schemes and passion collide in this sweet historical novel. Set in Minnesota during the Civil War and the Sioux uprising, this is the story of Rory Hudson, the exquisite Irish lass with an unbreakable spirit and the enigmatic Dawson Finch, a man bound by honor, duty and loyalty.

Stubborn. Hard-headed. Single-minded. The qualities that make David Lumley a successful horse breeder are put to work befriending Lady Joanna Hurst with less than noble intentions.

LASSO MY HEART by Linda Ford
Jake is Clara’s dead husband’s identical brother. But he’s the bad twin. Without his help Clara stands to lose her ranch . . . and her girls. She soon discovers accepting his help means she could lose her heart. Is saving the ranch worth the risk?

A MILE APART by Sarah Jae Foster
Only one thing stands between her and the man she loves…gold.
When a ruthless speculator encroaches on the camp, threatening Joseph and the other miners, Eden knows she must do the one thing she vowed never to do…for the one man she vowed never to love.

This clean romance with a touch of romantic suspense was previously published by Zebra as A Dangerous Dalliance. When art instructor Hannah Alexander agrees to accompany four of her students on a country house visit before Easter, she never dreams of entering into a dalliance with the owner David Tenant, the handsome new Earl of Brentfield. But one moment in his company and she’s in danger of losing her heart.

THROUGH THE STORM by Brenda B. Taylor
Through The Storm, the third book in the Wades of Crawford County series, is a poignant tale of Leann and Ralph Wade, and their struggle to overcome the storms of life through love, faith, and commitment to each other.


Praise for Virginia Ford:  

Virginia Carmichael is a bestselling author of inspirational fiction and a Romantic Times 2012 First Series Romance Nominee.

“Four and a half stars!” RT Book Reviews, Season of Joy.

“Nice to read about a strong woman from this time period. Her ability to overcome her obstacles and stand up for herself was refreshing…” –Amazon reader.

Praise for Keta Diablo:

Sky Tinted Water: “Diablo takes the eternal love of a husband and wife and expertly weaves in the horror of war and death.” Our top award, Red Crown Review, Ind’Tales

Praise for Aileen Fish:

“My heart swells at the way love blossoms here. Take a moment and let the lives of Joanna and Mr. Lumley take you away.”

Praise for Linda Ford:

“I love Linda Ford’s books. You will not be disappointed in her work. Never read a Linda Ford book that I didn’t love!”

Praise for Sarah Jae Foster:

A Mile Apart –

“Recommended for anyone that enjoys good clean historical romance.” – Amazon reviewer.

5.0 out of 5 stars! This is a wonderful, clean romance filled with excitement and intrigue.” ― Patricia, Room With Books

Praise for Regina Scott:

Five Stars!” I enjoyed this enchanting romantic suspense tale which was full of twists and turns throughout. I found this novel hard to put down and was up into the wee hours of the morning reading.” – Affaire de Coeur

“I loved this book. The Colonial Upstart of an earl paired with a lovely art teacher is a brilliant stroke and the writing matches her plot . . . . This is a page turner, and I defy a reader to put the book down until finished.” – Noted Regency author Emily Hendrickson

“Regina Scott’s irresistible characters will win your heart.” – Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling author, on Regina Scott’s Starstruck

Praise for Brenda B. Taylor:

Brenda B. Taylor crafts exciting historical fiction stories about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.

One reader wrote, “Leann and Ralph’s story is simply beautiful. The characters are amazing, each one with their own identity that is so recognizable. Well done.”

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