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The Myths of Scotland

The Scots of old were superstitious people. They worshipped the elements of nature, explaining them in mystical ways with myths, stories, and superstitions about great gods and goddesses. One such story concerning an artesian flow of water from the side of a hill, is found in A Highland Ruby. The site of the well is Cromarty, Scotland, located on the Black Isle in the Highlands. The water flowing from the well is desirable to drink. The Scots believed the water held healing powers and any who drank of its sweetness were immediately healed of physical or mental diseases. Pilgrims came from near and far to partake of the well’s curative waters.


A Highland Ruby


Excerpt from A Highland Ruby:

“Ye’ll be fine here. I’ll try to get word to Davy. His family are tuathanach and he dinna come to the burgh often.” Her eyes, the color of blue sea water, met his. “We’re to be married soon as he finishes the cabin next to his family’s. His da is a tenant of the Urquhart and a cateran in the slaugh. Davy helps with the land.” She searched his face. “I have some water from the lion’s mouth well in the kirk yard for ye to drink. It has healing powers.” She bent to retrieve the goblet from the floor. “We keep a supply here for the injured and sick.

“I can see why you would need healing water in this place.” Gavin recalled the red healing water Flora offered him in the dream. He rubbed the large lump on his head then took a long drink of the cool, sweet water. “I’ve heard of the Cromarty well, but have no’ drunk of its waters ‘til now.”

“The story says two boys were friends and both got consumption,” the lass said as he drank. “One died. Uilliam, the friend left livin’, was gettin’ worse when he had a dream. A large bumble bee buzzed about his head and told him to go dig in a certain bank and drink. Uilliam ventured to the bank, pulled a large sod from it, and a stream of clear water burst forth. The kirk built beside the bank, enclosed the stream, and put a lion’s mouth over the flow. ‘Tis holy water, you ken, and has healing power.” The pretty pink lips turned up in a smile. “Pilgrims come from afar to drink the waters.”

“’Tis quite a story. Thanks for givin’ me a drink, but I also pray to the Lord for healin’. He helps more than any water.” Gavin handed the goblet back to the lass.

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