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Meet Author Sarah Richmond

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Sarah Richmond is the author of ten published historical romances. She was listed as #4 in historical romance sales on for her Edwardian novel: A Most Ineligible Suitor.

Living in Southern California, Sarah just bought a house she is trying to restore to its former glory. She’s a member of RWA-San Diego chapter and the Faith, Hope and Love RWA chapter.

What is your latest release?

My latest release is a revised edition of my first historical which I have called Past Forgetting.

Tell us what inspired this story.
I lived in Bristol, England for two years and was intrigued that the houses had their own names. The novel PAST FORGETTING was born in the house we rented. What if a house could be a character in a book? What if that house kept the heroine a prisoner?

The title Past Forgetting is fascinating. Tell us the story behind the story.
Past Forgetting is about revenge and letting go of the past so the hero and heroine can live their lives in the present.
Why do you write romance?

I love happy endings, the joy of finding love and being in a relationship and I believe love heals all wounds.

Where is your favorite place in the world?


Which element of story creation is your favorite?

I’m a researcher, sometimes to my own detriment because I spend eons immersed in historical fiction and non-fiction. I’m also a plotter and think a long time about the story, but once I begin writing, the characters take over and tell their own story. I like to set the story in the context of an historical event, which of course I love to research, but the character’s reaction to the event is the real story.
What inspires you?

A good idea for a villain inspires me. People-watching inspires me.

Other writers who tell remarkable stories inspire and motivate me.

Please tell us about your other books.

My published books are historical. My novella, Mexican Spur, is set in the Nevada territory. My hero and heroine are married but their marriage has become seriously frayed by the death of their baby and the pressures of living in a pioneer town.

Another book set in Nevada, Brides of Serendipity, tells the stories of three women whose pluck and determination are the embodiments of the pioneer spirit.

Several of my books are set in Edwardian England, a time when women were agitating for their right to vote and own property. As you can probably tell, I love a feisty heroine who–sometimes reluctantly–finds herself in a position of leadership. All of my heroines have a strong moral center which, I believe, brings about change for the good.


The idea behind the book is intriguing and shows original thinking by an imaginative author as she constructs a world with a different view, one in which you will enjoy your visit. The story will pull you along as the very human characters search for a way out of a their dilemma. The descriptive passages contain the mixture of color and light that will enable any reader to picture the passing scenes, the homes, the clothes.

Set in an English country manor, the story takes place in two time zones. The idea behind it is fresh and requires only that the reader suspend any skepticism about time travel for a richly rewarding read.

Joanna Blake and Dr. William Thomas are linked by the present and each is a prisoner of the past. Dr. Thomas comes into Joanna’s life through the intervention of the vicar who tells him that the young woman needs help because she never leaves her house. He takes on the task of curing what he supposes to be agoraphobia and learns the problem is something very different, something beyond his experience.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to read for relaxation and pure enjoyment.

Review by Anne K Edwards, author of Death Comes Knocking,



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