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Meet Author Regina Scott

Timeless: Historical Romance Through the Ages.


Meet Author Regina Scott

Regina Scott is one of seven authors in the boxed set of sweet romance novels entitled, Timeless: Historical Romance Through the Ages. The name of her novel is Secrets and Sensibilities. Mystery and romance abound in the story

Hello Regina,

Please tell us about your latest or upcoming release. Do you have a review you could share with us?

I’m so excited to be one of seven authors in the new release, Timeless: Historical Romance Through the Ages. My story, Secrets and Sensibilities, is the first book in my series, The Lady Emily Capers, about four young ladies making their debut in Regency England and running across a few mysteries along the way that require their unique skills to solve. In this book, they travel to majestic Brentfield Manor with their beloved art teacher Hannah Alexander for a house party before Easter, only to discover that things are not as they seem. For one thing, priceless art has gone missing. For another, the new earl David Tenant, who is supposed to be courting one of the girls, only has eyes for Hannah. There are secrets aplenty at Brentfield, enough to challenge any lady’s sensibilities, even those of Hannah’s protégé, Lady Emily Southwell. As events unfold at Brentfield, Hannah quickly learns that loving David comes at a price, to her future plans of being a portrait painter, to her position as a teacher, and to her very life.

What inspired this story?

I had a very dear friend who was an artist. We met in high school, and we both loved to spin stories about what our lives would have been like if we’d lived in another place, another time. This story was originally written as a tribute to her. Hannah Alexander very much embodies Nancy’s sweet spirit and dedication to her craft. David Tenant is the sort of man she dreamed of marrying—someone clever, witty, and warm, who was sure of his place in the world and what he could contribute. Sadly, my Nancy died several years ago, far before her time. I like to think a little bit of her lives on in this book.

Why do you write romance?

I write romance for several reasons. I find the interplay between two people falling in love to be exciting, inspiring. Many forms of entertainment—movies, plays, books—fall a little flat for me if that aspect is missing. Then too, I love a happy ending!

What inspires you? What motivates you?

I love to write. I love taking the stories in my head, giving them breadth, depth, seeing what they will become. It’s as simple as that.

Please tell us about your other books (if you have others published).

I have published 27 novels, all set in the marvelous Regency period. Secrets and Sensibilities is followed by Art and Artifice, which tells the story of Lady Emily Southwell’s debut in London. She must use her art to uncover artifice and discover whether her betrothed, Lord Robert Townsend, has something more up his sleeve than a nicely muscled arm. Along the way, she just might form a perilous passion for a most unlikely suitor. The third book, Ballrooms and Blackmail, which details Priscilla Tate’s challenges in getting her duke to propose without giving away a Dreaded Family Secret, will be out shortly. I’m also excited about my upcoming title from Love Inspired Historical, The Bride Ship (November 2014). Ever since I was a girl, I’ve been wanting to tell that story about how Civil War widows and orphans traveled to Seattle to become frontier brides. The Bride Ship kicks off my Frontier Bachelor series, where the men are bold, rugged, and bound to be grooms.

Secrets and Sensibilities


Excerpt from Secrets and Sensibilities:

When Hannah stepped away from the mask, her eyes were serious. “Priscilla said last night that the house should be opened to tours,” she told David. “As an artist and an art teacher, I must agree. These treasures should be shared with others, not piled up in a back room. You must put these on display, my lord.”

“Only if I can assure their safety,” David replied. Although he had only spoken of the matter to his trusted aid Asheram, he somehow knew that Hannah Alexander would understand as well. “I have some concerns about these treasures, Miss Alexander. I found them hidden.”

She blinked. “Hidden? Why? Where?”

David grinned at her, feeling as if she would enjoy the mystery as much as he had. “In a series of secret passageways.”

She did not disappoint him. Her dark eyes lighted. “The house has secret passageways? Who put them in? Where are they?”

“I don’t know who designed the passages,” David told her, linking her arm in his again and leading her out of the room. “But based on their location, I would say they were originally designed so that certain gentlemen could visit certain ladies unseen.”

“Really?” she breathed.

He nodded. “But most recently, they seem to have become a storage place for every movable art treasure in the house. And I don’t think I’ve found them all.” He escorted her to the sitting room next door, where a large bronze bust stood on a pedestal along one wall. “Look at this piece, for example. Tell me, do you notice anything odd about it?”

She peered more closely at the bust. “The lines are a bit smudged, but perhaps that was the artist’s style.” She frowned. “And I don’t think this was the original base. It is actually rather small for this bust. Look, you can see cracks here under the lintel where the pedestal is beginning to strain under the weight.”

She was as sharp-witted as he’d hoped. “Precisely! Something else once rested on this base, something much smaller. Something that has been removed elsewhere.”

“Someone redecorated?” she suggested.

“No one I know of. The dowager Lady Brentfield hardly seems the type to notice such things as the placement of statuary. And from what I hear of the hunting-mad Lord Brentfield, he was more likely to be found on horseback than playing with the estates’ art treasures. Besides, I’ve noticed a number of pieces like this. Wall paper squares less faded than what’s around them where a painting has been removed. Cabinets with a circle in the dust showing where a vase or statue once stood. In general, inferior objects like my ancestors’ bust replacing what I bet were finer pieces.”

She blanched. “You suspect theft, then?”

“I did at first, until I found the secret passageways. While it’s impossible to match things perfectly, by the coloring or the decoration scheme, I can sometimes tell where those treasures you saw used to reside. I bet the rest are still somewhere in the passages.”

“Just how many passages are there?” she asked with a frown.

“They honeycomb this place.” He grinned at her. “There’s even one starting in your room.”

Regina Scott


About Regina:

Regina Scott started writing novels in the third grade. Thankfully for literature as we know it, she didn’t actually sell her first novel until she learned a bit more about writing. Since her first book was published in 1998, her stories have traveled the globe, with translations in many languages including Dutch, German, Italian and Portuguese. She celebrated the publication of her 25th book in 2013. She and her husband of over 25 years reside in Washington State with their overactive Irish terrier.


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