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Welcome author Linda Ford to Historical Heartbeats. Linda is one of seven best-selling authors in a soon-to-be-released boxed set of sweet historical romance novels entitled, Timeless. Love and romance are timeless through the ages.

Linda will give away an autographed copy of her latest release, Falling For the Rancher Father, to a commenter.



The title of Linda’s novel in Timeless is Lasso My Heart.

Please tell us about your latest or upcoming release.

Lasso My Heart is about to be released as part of a sweet historical boxed set under the title Timeless. My story is an inspirational western set in Montana in the 1800s.


Lasso My Heart


What inspired this story?

I wanted to explore the idea of a man wrongly accused of a crime and jailed for it. How would a man deal with such a situation and could he ever find love as an ex-convict?

Excerpt from Lasso My Heart:

Montana, 1878

Speechless, Clara Davison stared at the visitor standing in the doorway.

He looked pretty good for a man who was supposed to be dead. He’d shaved off his beard since she’d last seen him. On closer observation, she saw his eyes were more direct, more demanding, his jaw firmer as if he’d spent a good deal of time gritting his teeth. She yanked her thoughts into order. It wasn’t her husband. She’d watched the dirt tossed to his grave only a year ago. It had been the start of her new role as mother, father and rancher on her own these past months. She glanced over her shoulder to check on the girls. They played happily out of sight in the other room. “You’re Jake,” she said, facing the man again.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“I see they’ve let you out.”

“I done my time.” He stood with his hat in his hand, not moving a muscle apart from his mouth. It was all she could do not to blink before his steady stare.

“I’ve come to see Johnny, ma’am.”

“Isaac,” she corrected, more from a need to think this matter through than any concern if he used the right name or not.

“He was always called Johnny.”

“He preferred people didn’t know he was related to you.” Identical twins, Isaac had said, but she’d never seen Jake before so it hadn’t really hit her how truly alike they were. “That’s why he preferred to use your mother’s maiden name. He even grew a beard in the hope people would not associate him with you.”

“Yes, ma’am, but he is my brother and I’d like to see him. If you could direct me –”

She let out an explosive sigh. “He’d dead.” The man drew back almost imperceptibly at the news. “Now why don’t you take yourself off as far away from here as possible? Leave us in peace.”

“He’s dead.”

It wasn’t a question and yet she answered it.     “Yes. I saw him buried myself.” It seemed necessary to remind herself that she wasn’t staring at her husband.

“How long ago?”

“A year.”

For the first time since she’d opened the door, he looked away and swallowed hard. She almost allowed herself a hint of sympathy at his loss but then reminded herself of the things he’d done. How he’d bent the rules to his own shape and finally – the last straw in Isaac’s estimation – robbed a bank. Isaac’s shame was so deep he refused to speak more than a few words about his brother.

Why do you write romance?

I write romance because I firmly believe in the power of love to heal, encourage and fulfill the deepest longings of one’s heart. I love a happy-ever-after ending.

What inspires you? What motivates you?

I am inspired by so many things—nature, for one. An array of flowers, a lovely scene, birds singing. . .I could go on and on. People also inspire me. I can hardly sit and watch people hustling by in a busy place without thinking, what is their story?

I am motivated by deadlines—my own as well as contracts. Perhaps I am a little OCD. I like to get the story finished.

Please tell us about your other books.

I have books previously published with Heartsong Presents and now am multi-published with Harlequin in the Love Inspired Historical series. Most of my books would be considered westerns and most have a cowboy on the cover. My current series, Cowboys of Eden Valley, is set on a fictional ranch in SW Alberta, Canada.


Author Linda Ford


About Linda:

Linda Ford lives on a ranch in Alberta, Canada. She thinks growing up on the prairie and learning to notice the small details it hides gave her an appreciation for watching God at work in His creation. Her upbringing also included being taught to trust God in everything and through everything—a theme that resonates in her stories. Threads of another part of her life are found in her stories—her concern for children and their future. She and her husband raised 14 children—4 homemade, 10 adopted. She currently shares her home and life with her husband, a grown son, a live-in paraplegic client and a continual (and welcome) stream of kids, kids-in-law, grandkids and assorted friends and relatives.

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