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Meet Author Keta Diablo

Keta, thank you for being a guest on Historical Heartbeats and telling us about your novel in the boxed set Timeless: Historical Romance through the Ages.  

Thank you so much for hosting me today! Lovely blog.

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Timeless: Historical Romance through the Ages

Sky Tinted Water


Malevolent schemes and passion collide in this sweet historical novel. Set in Minnesota during the Civil War and the Sioux uprising, this is the story of Rory Hudson, the exquisite Irish lass with an unbreakable spirit and the enigmatic Dawson Finch, a man bound by honor, duty and loyalty.

When Dawson enlists in the army to bring peace to a nation divided, Rory’s world plummets into a tailspin. War, distance and time separate them, but nothing can dispel the haunting memories of their love. Not even death can destroy their fierce passion or a love so strong it beats the odds of the impossible.

Sky Tinted Water


Keta, tell us about your writing journey.

I love historical romance, always have. I cut my teeth on Rosemary Rogers and Kathleen Woodiwiss. Oh-oh, I think I just gave away my age. I remember reading Rogers under the covers with a flashlight, my heart thundering in my chest while I waited to see what Steve would do to Ginny once he discovered her latest faux pas.

Today, I read everything Joanna Bourne releases (Spymaster’s series) and Helen Kirkman. At least once a year, I rediscover the magical characters in a book called The Windflower (a pirate novel) by husband and wife team Laura London. Alas, they never wrote a sequel. I would have devoured books about their secondary characters, particularly Cat.

Little wonder when I started my writing career, I gravitated toward Historical Romance. The inspiration behind my books arrive through various vehicles—a dream, people-watching or true stories.

I’ve read many real-life sagas about the Civil War. One, or perhaps several, inspired me to write Sky Tinted Water.  This is the story of Rory and Dawson, a young married couple whose lives were drastically changed when war knocked on their door. It’s a narrative of friendship, loyalty, betrayal and vast, abiding love. I attempted to bring to life the horror of war and what people of that era lived through. You’ll find mystery and suspense between the pages, and, oh, yes, an enduring love story. 

I hope you enjoy reading Sky Tinted Water as much as I enjoyed writing the book. My sincere wishes that all your reads take you on memorable journeys you’ll never forget.


Setup and Excerpt from Sky Tinted Water

Rory travels through the woods to her sister’s house, unaware that evil lurks down the road.

The woods loomed ahead. Here the path would narrow and Rory would be surrounded by clusters of dense hardwood and pines. On the other side of the forest, her sister’s belching chimney would come into view and to the east Jab and Louisa Pearson’s homestead, to the west, Hiram’s. She hadn’t thought of him since her wedding day. Neighbors claimed he’d changed; some said he’d run amok after Jane and Levi died. A pang of sadness cloaked her, but the day was far too beautiful to be bogged down with tragic thoughts.

Entering the woods, the familiar call of a whippoorwill competed with the harsh screech of a blue jay. Twisted limbs and branches hugged the man-made trail and thick bracken and underbrush covered the ground around her. Rory stopped Charmer when an eerie stillness descended on the woodland. The chatter of small critters had stopped and the songbirds had ceased their melodic trills. She forced her eyes to scan the trees in all directions, the lump in her throat tightening.

Looking over her shoulder, she blew a sigh of relief. Minx had paused to nibble on a sprig of grass bursting through the forest floor. The foal would act skittish if danger lurked. She relaxed in the saddle and journeyed on . . . until Charmer’s ears flattened against her head. Had the mare heard a foreign noise or were her muscles preparing for an attack from pesky flies?

Rory turned a keen ear to her surroundings and concentrated on a sliver of sunlight ahead. Keep moving toward the light. A scream tore through the still woods, or a war-cry. She’d never heard a native prepare for battle, but had read about their nightmarish shrills. Charmer whinnied and tossed her massive head and a sense of danger spiked Rory’s heartbeat. Clutching the reins, she looked down at her white knuckles and caught a flash of movement on her left. Her blood ran cold when she spied a tall, dark form stalking her with the stealth of a panther. God’s nightgown, is it human or beast?

Author Keta Diablo

About Keta:

Keta Diablo lives in the Midwest part of the country on six acres of woodland. When she isn’t writing or gardening she loves to commune with nature.

Keta is a multi-published author in both erotic romance and gay fiction. Her paranormal novel, Where The Rain Is Made, was nominated for a Bookie Award by Authors After Dark. Her historical novel, Sky Tinted Water, has been nominated for a RONE Award. Keta’s books have received numerous Top Pick, Book of the Month, and Recommended Read awards from the top professional review sites.

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