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Today, my guest is, Jessie Clever, author of the award-winning Spy Series. She is introducing a new book in the series, To Be a Spy: A Spy Series Short Story, and you will enjoy reading the excerpt. Jessie peppers her stellar wit through the stories. She is giving away an ebook copy of To Be a Spy to a random commenter.


An Interview with Jessie:

Please tell us about your latest or upcoming release. Do you have a review you could share with us?

This is Samuel’s story. Samuel is the young son of the very first heroine that ever stepped into my head. He’s all grown up in this story and facing the first challenges of adulthood as he stands on the edge of finishing school. It’s a story about legacy, family, and love.

What inspired this story?

This story, like many, happened by accident. I’m not sure I was ready for the response the Spy Series would receive or the outpouring of love for these characters. When I finished the Spy Series, I cried typing the end because I was whole heartedly ready to let them go. Except apparently, the Blacks were not ready to go.

What is the story behind the story?

I wanted the next generation of the Black family to encounter pressures that the first generation was never exposed to. I wanted to capture the essence of real life as time moves forward, and new challenges emerge as technology advances. You always hear people say it was easier for them because they never had X, Y or Z. Samuel is witness to this revolution and decides to do something about it.

Why do you write romance?

Life is too difficult to read sad books. I think Susan Elizabeth Philips said something to that effect, and she is most definitely right. I want to give people a happy escape from the everyday.

What inspires you? What motivates you?

History. I’m a history lover by nature and have run across so many strange and inspiring things that I take it as personal challenge to wrap all of these tales into my stories.

Please tell us about your other books.

The Spy Series chronicles the lives of a family of spies for the British crown during the Napoleonic War. Taking my history degree dangerously, I strive to write about unexpected heroines, the men who dared to love them, and the world that try to defeat them.

In the second grade, Jessie began a story about a duck and a lost ring. Two harrowing pages of wide ruled notebook paper later, the ring was found. And Jessie has been writing ever since.

Jessie Clever

Jessie’s Bio:

Armed with the firm belief that women in the Regency era could be truly awesome heroines, Jessie began telling their stories in her Spy Series, a thrilling ride in historical espionage that showcases human faults and triumphs and most importantly, love.

Jessie makes her home in the great state of New Hampshire where she lives with her husband and two very opinionated Basset Hounds. For more, visit her website at

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London, 1822

It happened on Marlborough Street a little past two o’clock two days before Christmas.

Samuel had just returned from Eton the day before as his Greek studies had compelled him to stay longer than the rest of the students. It all sounded rather dull, but honestly, it was quite thrilling as one of his tutors believed he had stumbled upon an undiscovered Biblical text. The ramifications could be enormous, and so when asked to assist him in analyzing the text, Samuel had stayed on, of course. It wasn’t as if he would miss the opportunity.

And thus two days before Christmas, he found himself on Marlborough trying desperately to find a present for Jane and Elizabeth. He wondered briefly if any other man of ten and eighteen was stricken with not just one headstrong sister but two for whom to shop, and if those sisters were raised by an equally headstrong mother. All three of them would not settle for the customary ribbons or baubles or fabrics that other ladies would surely drool over. If it were anything less than divine, the Black women would not find it at all appealing.

Samuel stared in one window after another hoping inspiration would strike. It was while waiting for inspiration that the crime was committed.

He was standing innocently enough outside of Rugbottom’s Books admiring a particularly ornate illustration of Shakespeare’s sonnets when the commotion began behind him. Having been raised in less than ordinary circumstances, the time that lapsed between when the commotion began and when Samuel noticed it was rather exaggerated. But commotions were quite common in the Black family, and he thought nothing of it.

Until Lady Delia Witherspoon screamed.

“He’s stolen my reticule!”

Samuel turned at this in time to see Lady Witherspoon pointing at a fleeing figure clutching the offended reticule under his arm.

And then Lady Witherspoon screamed again.

“That man! He’s stolen my reticule!”

The fleeing man charged at Samuel directly, as it was previously noted, Samuel merely stood in the middle of the pavement staring into a window. He was obviously ripe for any interaction with a passerby on the pavement, even should that passerby be a thief.

As he watched the thief approach, Samuel’s mind took that opportunity to think on matters. He wondered briefly if other gentlemen stepped out of the way of fleeing criminals or if they advanced. He wondered if they cowered at the thought of getting their waistcoat ruined. And then he wondered what the wives of said gentlemen would think if their noble husbands did not act to avenge the slight against a lady.

Samuel thought none of that likely as the gentlemen of the ton that he had had the pleasure of meeting were all sopping idiots. The apprehension of criminals was not something that suited such personalities.

And then Samuel sighed.

He sighed because he quite liked his waistcoat. It was a fine cranberry color that went well with his breeches, and if he had learned anything from his Uncle Alec, it was that a man who showed care for his dress showed care in every aspect of his life. And that was why Samuel was rather despondent to put his cranberry waistcoat in danger.


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