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Join the Friends of Author Brenda B. Taylor

Are you interested in receiving an ebook in the format of your choice of the brand new Scottish historical romance entitled, A Highland Emerald? If you are interested, continue reading below.


Calling all lovers of historical fiction with elements of romance and faith to become beta readers and advanced reviewers in my friends team and help spread the word about my current and future releases. Every author needs help spreading the word, and you can be part of the process. Simply share honest reiviews of my books, and recommend the books to other readers, friends, and family. Beta readers and reviewers will receive a copy of the requested ebook in mobi, ePub, or PDF format. Other ways you can help is to visit sites where I’m a guest blogger and leave a comment. Follow me on Twitter, re-tweet posts about my books, or make up your own. Like my Facebook page, and leave a comment. Sign up for my newsletter.

The books currently available for review are the four published books in the Wades of Crawford County saga; Heaven Must Wait, Heaven Must Wait Part II, Follow Your Heart, and Through The Storm and two books in the Highland Treasures series; A Highland Pearl, and A Highland Ruby.
A third novel in the Scottish historical series, Highland Treasures, is almost ready for publication and needs beta readers and advanced reviewers. The novel entitled, A Highland Emerald, tells the love story of Aine MacLean and William Munro, Chief of Clan Munro and Knight of the Realm. Aine and William are the parents of Andrew Dubh of A Highland Pearl, Gavin of A Highland Ruby, and Davina whose story is in the planning stage.


Aine and William are from different regions of Scotland. Aine’s home is on the Isle of Mull, an island off the western coast of Scotland. William’s home is located in the rugged Scottish Highlands.



We began the climb through the bracken. I found myself out of breath when we reached the ancient broch on top of the motte. William showed no signs of being breathless. His powerful chest barely expanded as he breathed.


“Ye’re no’ winded,” I puffed.


“I was raised on these braes and bens. ’Tis no hard task for me to climb this motte.” He grinned. “Only flatlanders such as ye, have trouble climbing.”


“Well, I would like to see ye in a fishing boat, fighting the swells of the sea to make yer living.” He aggravated me with his boasting.


“Ye’re right, sweeting. We’re both from lovely but different places in Scotland. Each has its good and bad features, but I love this place of Ferindonald above all others. ‘Tis my home.” His mood changed to a serious note. “I pray ye will come to love it also.”


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