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Happy Mother’s Day, Pre-Order Available, Sale Continued

Dear Friends,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s who read this blog. I pray your quarantine is not so severe you cannot share this beautiful day with your family. If you are in isolation, please know thoughts and prayers are coming your way. 

A Mom is a Mom Everywhere!


The last book in the Highland Treasures series and the final novella telling the love story of Davina and Alistair, A Highland Home, is now on pre-order at Amazon. Isn’t the cover lovely? Cora at Cora Graphics does a great job in capturing the essence of the story. Click on the buy link below to reserve your copy.

If you haven’t read the Highland Treasures books, now is the time. Four are on sale through the month of May at Smashwords. Look in the next frame for the buy links.

Plot Summary:  Despite intrigue, theft, and murder, Davina and Chief Alistair Munro fashion a home in the Highlands of Scotland with the bond of their faithful love for each other. Cattle reivers plague the Munro lands of Fàrdach Castle leaving many clan families destitute during the fierce winter. When a faithful servant is slain in the castle stables, Alistair suspects Struan Sutherland, the husband of his former wife, Bridget. The couple controls the chief’s vast inheritance of Contullich Castle and lands through his young son, Blane.

Davina takes Blane under her wing when Alistair brings him to Fàrdach. She and the castle residents grow to love him, but the lad misses his mother. After the slaying of a faithful servant, Blane is kidnapped from Fàrdach and returned to Contullich Castle. With help from within the castle, Alistair takes his son from the Sutherlands. He kills Struan when the angry man demands a duel. Attacks on the Munros stop after Struan’s death, but the cattle must be found and returned to their owners.

While out trying to find the outlaws, a friendly MacKenzie tenant tells the Munros stolen cattle and thieves are located near his steading. Alistair and his warriors hurry to find them. The chief is wounded in a fight and taken to the MacKenzie’s cottage.

Davina learns she is pregnant while her husband is away. With the help of the Lord, she gathers enough courage to carry on and wait for Alistair. Will the chief return to his wife and clan?

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Today, I have a fun surprise I’d like to share with you.

Four of the Highland Treasures books are on sale for 60% off at Smashwords until the end of May. Click on the link for redirection to my Smashwords author page where you will find the books. The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

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