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Do you believe in ghosts? If not, you may after reading Sherrie Hansen’s new release, GOLDEN ROD, a Wildflowers of Scotland novel, GOLDEN ROD is the sixth book in the series and tells of two very active five hundred-year-old ghosts who intervene in a love affair.



When Katelyn O’Neal, a well-intentioned but naïve American, inherits a
castle in Scotland, she jumps at the opportunity to sell it to the highest
bidder and use the money to keep her twelve-year-old niece alive. Then she
meets the “rightful” heir, Rod MacKenzie. As the “legal” heir, she has
every right to kick Rod out of his home and destroy the beloved garden
that is his legacy. She has no other choice if she wants to save Kacie’s
life. But when a desperate pair of 500-year-old ghosts intervene, the
whole course of history could change. GOLDEN ROD –is a two-week romp through
a lifetime of legends.


Rod MacKenzie tossed his jacket over the back of his chair and pressed the
play button on his answering machine. Nae an ideal way to do business, but
since there wasnae mobile reception out on the water, there was little he
could do aboot it. One of his clients had told him he could hook up some
sort of hot spot via satellite, but finances had been tight ever since
he’’d paid for the new roof on the castle.

“This isn’t the kind of thing I wanted to discuss on a message machine…”
An American woman’s voice started to play, then stopped, then started
again. “I’ve tried you numerous times and I always get your recording.”
She sounded irritated.

Nae the way he wanted to start a relationship with a prospective client,
but it was what it was. It didnae help that the castle and gardens were
almost as isolated and void of technology as his boat was.

“My name is Katelyn O’Neal and it would seem I’ve inherited a castle that
you have some sort of connection to. I was told I needed to contact you to
arrange for a place to stay when I’’m in Scotland taking care of legal
matters and the eventual sale of the property.”

His heart dropped aboot as fast as the Blue Lady when she’’d fallen from
the fourth floor window of her bedchamber. He’’d known there was a
possibility it could happen now that his grandfather’’s old army buddy was
dead, but the knowledge didnae ease the jolt that he was aboot to be
evicted from the only home he’’d ever known.

“Oh, and a realtor will be contacting you about getting a key so she can
measure the house, um castle, and a surveyor will need to stake the
grounds, so I suppose he’’ll be contacting you as well. Hopefully they’’ll
have better luck reaching you than I have.”

Her frustration and disdain echoed over the phone line loud and clear.
“I’’m leaving from the Rochester International Airport tomorrow morning, so
I would appreciate it if you could get back to me ASAP and confirm that I
have a place to stay once I arrive in Scotland.”

He stripped his shirt off and threw it in the hamper. If he was going to
get the wisteria deadheaded and the laburnum arch pruned, he needed to get
to the garden.

“You can text me if it’’s not convenient to call.” She sounded a bit
desperate now. “I’m sorry if this is an inconvenient time for you, but
I’’ve only got a week and a half to get this taken care of, so I need to
stay on task and schedule my time as carefully as possible.”

He’’d known since he was a boy that this is what he had to look forward to.
Of course, in his dreams, he’’d hoped that whoever inherited Lachlan would
share his love for the garden and the castle, that it might be someone he
could mentor, and share the age old legends with.

“I should also warn you that I’’ll be delivering a notice to vacate the
premises when I see you. Again, I’d hoped to talk about this instead of
leaving a message, but since I haven’t been able to reach you…”

Great. Did she already have a buyer? He’’d envisioned having a few more
years at the castle, in the garden, while the legal heir searched for a
buyer who could both afford and be able to take on all that renovating and
maintaining the castle would entail. He’’d thought they’’d need someone to
look after the place, tend the garden, until it sold.

“My uncle told my mother that you have some rare species of plants growing
in the garden. I don’’t know much about gardening, but if you want to try
to transplant some of them or sell them to a nursery or something, feel
free, because–.”

His answering machine clicked off and her voice disappeared. His machine
wasnae the only one who’’d had enough.

But the garden? The garden was the castle’s best feature. He and his
father had spent hours pruning, trimming, and planting wisteria, Himalayan
poppies, rhododendron, bluebells, iris, tulips, goldenrod, and more. After
his father died, he’’d carried on by himself. The garden had ne’er looked
better. Why on earth would she be okay with him desecrating it by pulling
out plants and uprooting their prize plantings? Was she just trying to be
nice, or…

Her voice started up again. Must have called back and left a second message.
“What I was going to tell you is that the new buyer is going to put in a
golf course. He’’s hired the same designer that redid Cournoustie and
Turnbury a few years ago. It’s very exciting, and I think it’s a great way
to carry on the castle’s legacy.”

His heart plummeted to the soles of his worn-out Adidas. How could they?
With all the acreage surrounding the castle, they couldnae work around the

“And the best thing is, if I ever want to come back to Scotland, I get to
play for free.” There was a moment of silence. “Um, I could probably get
you a lifetime pass as well, if you want. I mean, if you like to golf.”

She finally seemed to have run out of gas. Nae that it mattered. The
damage was done. She’’d crashed into his life with a thud and was aboot to
destroy everything that mattered to him.

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Sherrie Hansen’s Bio:

Twenty-five years ago, Sherrie rescued a dilapidated Victorian house in
northern Iowa from the bulldozer’s grips and turned it into a bed and
breakfast and tea house, the Blue Belle Inn. Sherrie has also lived in
Colorado Springs, CO, Augsburg, Germany, Wheaton, IL, and Bar Harbor,
Maine. She grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota. After 12 years of
writing romance novels, Sherrie met and married her real-life hero, Mark
Decker, a pastor. They divide their time between 2 different houses, 85
miles apart, and Sherrie writes on the run whenever she has a spare
minute. Sherrie enjoys playing the piano, photography, traveling, and
going on weekly adventures with her nieces and nephew. GOLDEN ROD is
Sherrie’s tenth book to be published by Indigo Sea Press, a mid-sized,
independent press out of Winston-Salem, NC.

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