Future Books in the Wades Series

The Wades of Crawford County series will add a new novella on May 3. The book continues Ralph and Leann’s story about their very rocky road to engagement and marriage.

Times are difficult in Missouri after the Civil War. Families struggle to keep their property from creditors and outlaws. The desire of Ralph Wade’s heart is to marry the girl of his dreams, beautiful Leann Clark, but many obstacles stand in their way. Ralph finds love is not enough to persuade Leann’s father to give his permission for their marriage. John Clark wishes more than love for his daughter. He wants her husband to provided a good living with a secure future. Ralph is much too hot-tempered and unreliable in John’s eyes. Leann desires the dashing Ralph and defies her father to be with him. She believes her love is strong enough to see them through the hard times. Through adverse circumstances, the young couple struggle to keep the fires of their love and faith burning.

Heaven Must Wait, Part II is now on pre-order for $0.99 at Amazon until May 3, so grab your copy.


Leann felt she couldn’t be happier. Her parents seemed to have forgiven Ralph for the altercation he had with Wesley Snipes over a saloon girl and were making friendly overtures toward him. She knew Pa expected both she and Ralph to act responsibly, and she determined not to break his trust. Her heart sang as they walked to the oak tree where Maude waited patiently.

Ralph put his hat on, then untied his mare. “I love you, Leann. I’ll see you next week.”

“I love you. I can hardly wait ’til next Tuesday.” She looked toward the house, then stood on her tiptoes and lightly kissed his lips.”

He quickly glanced toward the house, bent down and planted a firmer kiss on her mouth, then mounted Maude. Without saying anything more, he turned his horse toward home. She stood watching until he rode out of sight. With a heart bursting of love for Ralph, Leann made her way back to the house.


The next book planned in the Wades of Crawford County series is a novel entitled, Morning of Joy. The story takes a surprise turn for the Ralph Wade family, and is the last Leann Frances Clark Wade story.


The last book in the series is about Sonny Wade who is Ralph’s brother, Civil War veteran, and in love with Leann. The novella entitled, Coming Home, tells the story of Sonny’s return after several years. He brings a surprise with him, altering the lives of the Ralph Wade family.

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