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Ferindonald Continued

The setting for the Highland Treasures series is called, Ferindonald (the land of Donald), and is located in Ross-Shire and Cromarty, Scotland. It is the beautiful homeland of Clan Munro with flowing streams and pools of water gushing into the glens from the Highlands. Fouls Castle, seat of the clan and home to the chief, is located close to Cromarty Firth between the towns of Dingwall and Evanton. The castle has been home to the Munro chiefs for over nine hundred years.

River Sgitheach or Hawthorn River in Ferindonald

Ferindonald, the heartland of Clan Munro, is a narrow strip of fertile, arable land running eight miles along the northern shore of the Cromarty Firth from Dingwall to Alness. This is backed by a mountain range with Ben Wyvis being the highest point of the Clanland. The highlands offered protection from attacks of an enemy from the north. On the south, Cromarty Firth was easily defended. The western approaches, though Dingwall, were defended by Dingwall castle, which is now a ruin.

Ferindonald Farmland

Farming Ferindonald in 1855

Tower of Dingwall Castle

Drilling in Cromarty Firth

Cromarty Firth, onto which the south-facing Clanland bounds, has always been important for the people of Ferindonald. In the past it provided good salmon and herring fishing and was the main communication route out of the area. Foulis Point was one of the best beaching points in the inner Firth. Colonel Sir Robert Munro built a Renthouse at Foulis Point which became an important trading post. The Renthouse is now a restaurant and Munro museum.

Sir Robert Munro


The Rent House Museum


Weighing the Rents


Clan Munro Crest, An Eagle Perching Proper

Over the years, the name Munro evolved into four main spellings: Munro, Munroe, Monro, and Monroe. Scots use the spelling, Munro. Our family uses the spelling, Monroe. In Gaelic, the Munros form Clan Rothaich. The crest of Clan Munro is an eagle perching proper. The motto is Dread God, and the war cry is Caisteal Folais’n a Theine.