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Comeback Cowboy

Comeback Cowboy by Roxanne Rustand

Today I am reviewing Comeback Cowboy by Roxanne Rustand. Roxanne writes: Authors talk about writing “the book of their heart”—a story that touches them in some indefinable way, a story they would write whether or not anyone else ever had a chance to read it. I’m so happy to be bringing “the book of my heart” to you! The world of rodeo is exciting, fascinating and dangerous.

Imagine a job for which you might commute hundreds of miles, work eight seconds and then commute hundreds of miles again. Sounds like an easy workday, until you factor in the high risk of serious injury or death during those eight seconds! Those odds have already caught up with bull rider Jake Landers, who was badly injured while bull riding. Cowboys, bullfighters, clowns, announcers, producers, contractors, and other personnel on a given rodeo circuit are often close—helping each other out, cheering each other on. Jake not only faces the loss of his career and the only life he’s known since he turned eighteen, but without rodeo, he will lose touch with the people who have become his second family.

Buying a faltering rodeo company is his ticket back into the life he loves. The one person who can help him succeed is the woman he stood up at the altar ten years before, and now they’ll have to travel together for the next five month. If she’ll agree…and if dark secrets from the past don’t tear them apart once again.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Being from Texas, I enjoy rodeos, but have never understood the requirements of putting on a performance. Rustand’s novel takes you behind the scenes to the interesting business and hard work necessary for rodeo productions while the characters are well-defined and realistic. The plot takes an interesting, suspenseful twist. I pulled for Jake and Kristen, hoping their love would overcome.