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Celebrating the Fourth of July

I’m celebrating the Fourth of July with a special announcement for your summer reading enjoyment. All of my books—those listed on the sidebar—are on sale for 75% off at Smashwords until July 31. A coupon is provided for checkout on the books’s Smashwords page. Heaven Must Wait, Part II is available only at Amazon, but is priced at $.99.

A Highland Ruby is currently listed for $.99 on all ebook vendor sites, which makes the Scottish historical romance free at Smashwords during the promotion. The same is true of Heaven Must Wait.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and stay safe. Will you watch fireworks and eat hot dogs? Those are two of my favorite activities on the Fourth of July.

As we celebrate the independence of our great nation, let us never forget those patriots who fought to make us free and keep us free.

A special thanks to all my newsletter subscribers, blog post readers, and fans. You make my holiday special!!


Excerpt from A Highland Ruby:

He dozed and dreamed of Flora in the emerald gown again. Now her waist-length hair matched the deep red color of the large ruby hanging from a gold chain. The ruby and gold glinted in shards of green light flashing around her and in her eyes. How lovely she appeared, with flawless white skin, ruby red hair, and eyes to match the emerald gown. Gavin’s heart near burst with her beauty. While he watched, Flora removed the ruby from her neck, dipped the stone three times in a crystal goblet of clear water. The water turned red as the ruby.

She held the goblet out to him. “Take this and drink. The ruby’s water will drive the evil away and make you weel.”

“Aye. I desire to be well.” Gavin reached for the beautiful crystal chalice now filled with red water.

Just as his hand touched the chalice, a large boot kicked his foot. Flora disappeared with the red, healing water. Gavin’s eyes popped open. He remained still, grabbing the sgian dubh from his boot with one hand and the pistol from his belt with the other.


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