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An Interview with Cover Artist, Cora

Today Historical Heartbeats has a very special guest. She is Cora of Cora Graphics, the talented artist and cover designer of all the Brenda B. Taylor books and the website banner.

Cora will give away a Facebook timeline banner to one of the commenters on her post today.


Please tell us about your work. What are the jobs you do for authors?

What work? (Smile)

I’m a freelance graphic artist and although book covers take up a good 80% of my time, I work as a web designer with an Italian studio and with some photographers.

The types of books I work with are ebooks, paperbacks, gadgets and banners for any website.

A Highland Pearl

What inspired you to graphic design?

I have been passionate about art since childhood, and I was lucky enough to do creative work. However, when I started working, the computer was not so indispensable. The computer’s arrival completely changed my vision of art.

What is your favorite type of graphic design work?

I love my job, the relationship with customers, the search for pictures, and the final changes. I love all my covers; however, if I have to choose, my favorite ones are the historical covers.

What steps do you take in completing a cover design?

I start with a contract. That allows the author to understand the commercial use of the cover and the images used, and allows me to have the graphic details of basic essentials for starting the project and make an estimate.

Then I continue with the image search. Usually I choose two or three options for the characters and the background. I send them to the author. With the chosen images I do a first test, completed in actual size at 300 dpi. A good test is very important for me to continue with the cover.

I offer “unlimited changes”.

Sometimes this offer is counterproductive, but I believe the customer must be satisfied. If a relationship of trust is not established, creating a beautiful cover is impossible.

What inspires you? What motivates you?

The customer is my first source of inspiration. It’s the customer that brings me the book and motivates my days. The internet and web sites like Pinterest are great resources for inspiration.

Cora’s Biography:

Hello Brenda, thanks for inviting me to your blog.

I live in Italy with my hubby and two beautiful dogs. My two great passions are books and dogs. I love reading, and I’m book addicted. I probably have about a hundred books waiting to be read. I love the dogs, and spending time with them, especially walking in the countryside. I don’t have many ambitions, because what I have in life makes me happy.

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