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A Keepsake Christmas ~ Spotlight

The Historical Heartbeats guest today, is Author Marilyn Peveto. Marilyn is spotlighting her new Christmas novella, A Keepsake Christmas. After losing all her possessions in a hurricane, will Landry be able to celebrate Christmas?

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The hurricane drowned her Christmas spirit.

Landry Ledoux is heartsick when her home on the Texas Gulf Coast is devastated by a hurricane. With the holidays approaching, Landry feels she can’t celebrate Christmas without the special keepsakes that floated away. 

Only weeks remain before Christmas, but their community is in ruins—homes, schools, businesses, and churches, too. Can Landry’s life ever reach a new normal while everyone on her street is living in RVs, and temporary shelters?

When Landry gets involved in her neighbors’ struggles she discovers the best possible way to help, even though it impacts her own recovery from the storm.

Despite her losses, can she find renewed joy in the holiday season, for herself and for her family?

Excerpt from A Keepsake Christmas:

            Closing her eyes, she envisioned her world before the storm—lush green lawns, stately pines and oaks, flanked by an occasional magnolia tree that magically blossomed once a year. Now, wet carpet and mattresses and piles of furniture including her favorite sofa, lined the curbs. They could replace the furniture, but the stacks of broken dishes, the family pictures destroyed beyond recognition, the books from her childhood now smelling of mildew, took her breath every time.

            But Mr. and Mrs. Edwards’s situation was far worse, since it could not be repaired.

            Landry lifted her eyes to utter a prayer. “Lord, please forgive my selfish heart. I’ve been blind to the plight of others while I’ve grieved for the way I’ve been impacted in all this.”

            She walked the few steps to their bed. As soon as David returned, she would switch off the glaring light she had insisted be on every night. It only signaled her insecurity after the storm. How could she have not let her faith guide her?

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Author Marilyn Peveto

About the Author

Marilyn Peveto is a lifelong East Texan from a family that has lived in the Piney Woods for generations. Her hobbies include reading, browsing in antique stores for her next treasure, and cooking her family’s favorite Southern foods. 

She enjoys life with her husband of forty-three years, two adult children and their families, and her faithful writing partners, a little white dog and a geriatric beagle.

Marilyn is author of the Pine Curtain Chronicles series set in the Piney Woods of East Texas.

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