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The Heart of An Agent ~ Spotlight

Historical Heartbeats welcomes Tracey J. Lyons, the bestselling author of A Changed Agent. Tracey returns to the Adirondack Mountains of the 1890s in a novel of love, faith, and secrets…

Tracey will give away the winner’s choice of a Kindle edition or audio CD (US only) of The Heart of An Agent.

Former Pinkerton spy Lily Handland has always dreamed of a quiet, safe life, free from chasing criminals and putting herself at risk. So when the opportunity to invest in a failing Great Camp in the Adirondacks comes to her attention, she quickly jumps at the chance.

Filled with grief, widower Owen Murphy wants to run away from it all. Though he’s worked hard to forge a future for himself, his guilt has kept him mired in the past. But all that changes when a headstrong, mysterious woman shows up at Owen’s door. Together, as Lily and Owen restore the beauty of the Great Camp, he begins to finally see a future. But will learning about Lily’s past destroy it all?


Leaving the door partway open, she stepped into his room. His inner sanctum. His dungeon. The last thought gave him pause. He sat behind the desk, waiting to see what she was up to. It was highly unorthodox to have a guest come to his office, especially at this hour. And he still couldn’t quite get it out of his head that this woman appeared to be unchaperoned.

“I arrived yesterday afternoon. Apparently you were too busy to greet your only guest.”

He blinked at her boldness. “I had things to tend to.”

“I had to have dinner alone.”

“I am sorry about that.” He ran a hand through his hair. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d gone into town to visit the barber. Making an effort to try to look presentable, he shifted around in the chair, tucking in his shirt.

“What can I do for you, Miss…I’m sorry I don’t know your name.”

“My name is Lily Handland. And you’re Owen Murphy owner of this great camp by the same name?”

She sauntered around his office looking at the prints on the far wall. She’d changed out of her nightclothes into a light blue day gown, and her red hair was tied off in a matching ribbon, the ponytail hanging just below her shoulders. Pausing in front of the fireplace, the woman trailed her fingers along the edge of a gilt frame. Owen knew the picture well. It was the last one he’d had taken with his wife. He stood up, walked to the fireplace, and snatched the picture off the mantle.

“I’m sorry.” Miss Handland looked up at him with understanding, and perhaps a bit of pity. Well, he didn’t need her pity. He still didn’t know why she had come to see him.

“Miss Handland, I’ve a very busy day ahead of me, and I would appreciate it if you could state your business and go on about your day. I’m sure Mrs. Cuddieback is almost ready with your breakfast.” As if on cue, the fragrant scent of fresh hot cakes wafted into the room.

She moved by him and stopped to lean against the corner of his desk. “I was going to wait until later to discuss this with you, but I woke this morning with so many ideas floating around in my head.”

The last of Owen’s patience left him, and his next words came out harsher than he intended. “Discuss what with me?”

She swept her arm in front of her body. “This. All of this.” She stopped moving and looked him straight in the eye. “I’ve seen all I need to see,” she said in a firm voice.

He had no idea what she was going on about. “I’m sorry, are you leaving? You only just arrived.”

And then she smiled, and her eyes lit up with a light he could only describe as hopeful. That’s when Owen felt a shift in the atmosphere.

“No, Mr. Murphy. I’m not leaving. In fact, I think I’ll be staying for quite some time. I have a business proposition or you.”


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Author Tracey J. Lyons

Tracey’s Bio

An Amazon Top Ten bestselling historical romance author of the Adirondack Pinkertons and the Women of Surprise series, Tracey’s novel book one in the Adirondack Pinkertons series, A Changed Agent, was a 2017 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award finalist. She sold her first book on 9/9/99! Her books have been translated into several languages and are available in print, digital and audio formats. A true upstate New Yorker, Tracey believes you should write what you know. Her historical romances are all set in the New York State area. Tracey considers herself a small town gal who writes small town romances. You can learn more about Tracey and her books by visiting her website at  

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